Transportable collaring machine is designed for welded tube connections for run pipes 33.7 – 323.9 mm.

The T-110 system consist of:

  • T-110 machineT-110
  • Pilot hole milling tool
  • Collaring tools (with forming pins+pin holder according to collar diameters
  • Trimming tool
  • Clamping tools according to run pipe diameters
  • Tool holders both side of the control panel.

The pilot hole tool, collaring tools and trimming tool are located at the tool holders both side of the control panel. The same tool holders can be used for tool setting. The buttons of the control panel are used to start and stop pilot hole milling, collaring and trimming cycles.

T-110 Working Cycle:

  • The operator mounts the tube inside the opened clamps.
  • The collar position is located and the clamps are closed by the operator.
  • The pilot hole tooling is mounted to the T-110 machine by the operator and the elliptical pilot hole is milled according to the preset settings.
  • When the pilot hole is ready, the pilot hole tooling is replaced by the collaring tooling. Collar forming takes place.
  • When the collar is ready, the collaring tooling is replaced by trimming tooling. Trimming of collar takes place.
  • Finally Trimming tool is removed from the T-110 machine and clamps opened. Next collar can be positioned.

The machine is 800 mm wide and the aim is to make it “easy to move” by manual- or motorized forklift.

If you want to send an enquiry for a collaring machine through the below link, you can fill in the Tube Specification Sheet underneath and send it to us together with your enquiry.