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T-DRILL HFT-2000 SS Collaring Unit

Collar sizes: 17–54 mm | ¾” – 2″ O.D.
Run tube sizes: 33,7–114,3 mm | 1 ¼” – 4″ O.D.
Pipe material: Copper, Stainless steel, Steel
Machine type: Portable tools
Process: Collaring

T-DRILL HFT-2000 SS is used in conjunction with the T-DRILL T-65 SS collaring machine for small volume Stainless Steel manifold production. The Hand Feed Table (HFT) is capable of producing collars O.D. 17–54 mm (¾” – 2″) in run tubes O.D. 32–114 mm (1 ¼” – 4″).



Process pipes



T-DRILL collars give the most reliable tube joints being used with the most extreme applications. The collaring unit is effortlessly moved by the operator after each collar is produced. Based on easy “pin-to-hole positioning” it is very productive on standard manifold production. To make the process even easier, there is also an optional digital measuring display available.