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T-DRILL T-65 SS Portable Collaring Machine

The powerful T-DRILL T-65 SS is an ideal portable solution for making tee joints of 17–54 mm (3/4” – 2″ O.D.) in main run tubes up to 114,3 mm (4” O.D.) in just a couple of minutes. While maintaining equal quality to commercial tee fittings the T-65 SS increase efficiency by eliminating: Cutting of the pipe, Two of the three welded joints, and the fitting cost.

The T-65 SS also reduces inspection costs and required polishing of the welded joint. The branch pipe can be connected to a formed outlet either by orbital welding or by manual welding.

The ergonomically designed machine is easy and convenient to use, as it has two handles; the upper one for drilling through and the other one for pilot hole side movement. This minimizes the amount of energy required to operate and makes the collaring process highly effortless for the user.

The T-65 SS is an excellent solution to be used in multiple industries including: construction, renovation, maintenance and repair, and the process industry.


Key Features:

  • Universal clamping system for run tubes 25–114 mm (3/4″ – 4″ O.D.)
  • With optional clamping system up to 300 mm (10″ O.D.)
  • Easy pilot hole adjustment
  • Simple and quick tool change
  • Ergonomic design for minimized workload
  • The T-DRILL collaring heads with stepless adjustment ensures precise collar sizes